Aptiv wins CLEPA Innovation Award

DUBLIN, June 14, 2019  Aptiv PLC (NYSE: APTV) a global technology company enabling the future of mobility was awarded the 2019 CLEPA Innovation Award in the category of Cooperation for its collaboration with Audi in the development of the first-in-industry Automated Driving Satellite Compute Platform. Presented by the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, the CLEPA Innovation Awards recognizes the excellence of the automotive supplier’s industry in the fields of Environment, Safety, Cooperation, and Connectivity & Automation.

Aptiv’s Automated Driving Satellite Compute Platform enables the integration of advanced, active safety functions in a more scalable way across levels of automation for a wide range of vehicle types. Most systems have the computing power integrated into the sensors, processing the information at the source, which makes each sensor expensive to build and less scalable. 
Aptiv's platform takes processing and electronics out of individual sensors, instead sending the information to the central platform, allowing the sensors to be smaller, more cost-efficient, lighter and easier to package in a vehicle. With centralized compute, adding advanced safety features up to highly complex, autonomous Level 3/4 vehicles becomes easier and faster.

“We are honored to be recognized for our collaboration with Audi in the development of the Automated Driving Satellite Compute Platform,” said David Paja, Aptiv’s senior vice president and president of Advanced Safety & User Experience. “Aptiv's expertise in advanced safety and systems integration, and Audi's forward-looking vision form the ideal basis for the excellent partnership.” 

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