Automated Driving Game Changer

“To radically improve the safety, efficiency, and accessibility of cities worldwide.” 


I wish I would have thought of that myself – it sounds like me – but I didn’t. That is the mission statement of nuTonomy, an automated driving start-up headquartered in Boston. Today, Delphi announced that it has agreed to acquire them. And I am pumped. 

Founded in 2013 by Dr. Karl Iagnemma and Dr. Emilio Frazzoli, nuTonomy is developing a proprietary full-stack AD software solution for the global AMoD market. I know they will bring an incredible depth of knowledge and passion to our team. And I can’t wait. 

Building on our history of innovation in active safety and experience in functional safety, the acquisition will strengthen Delphi’s automated driving (AD) portfolio and solutions for both our OEM and commercial customers. Additionally, this enhances our ability to continually raise the bar for software development by embracing diverse teams and approaches. 

As you would expect, nuTonomy’s AD software system does have fundamental differences from Delphi’s, which was created by Ottomatika and is being industrialized for 2019. While both software stacks utilize a deterministic framework, there are differences in the environmental modeling and path planning elements (what’s around the vehicle and how the vehicle decides the safest route to its destination). This will enable us to accelerate our work in common areas of the AD platform. 

Having both the Ottomatika and nuTonomy AD stacks will allow us to deploy the most capable systems required to achieve both the functional safety and driving performance requirements by the industry. Our advantage here is a game changer. 

In addition to Karl and Emilio, the nuTonomy team has a deep bench of engineers and scientists with whom we can’t wait to collaborate, innovate and execute these industry-leading AD systems. With this addition, Delphi continues to grow – almost doubling – the most capable AD development team in the industry, with expertise from software and hardware to vehicle industrialization. 

AD platforms are incredibly complex with many technical challenges, and the addition of nuTonomy and their critical IP helps us deepen our capabilities and accelerate our overall time-to-market. 

We’re going to crush it.

I am thrilled to welcome nuTonomy to Delphi and show the world how the AD team we have created can truly accelerate the pace of commercialization for safer, greener and more accessible mobility.

Robots, start your engines. 

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