Aptiv CTO-DeVos

Meet our CTO,
Glen De Vos

Glen De Vos is senior vice president and chief technology officer of Aptiv, a position he has held since March 2017. In November 2017, he was also named president of the Mobility & Services Group. As CTO, Mr. De Vos leads the global engineering organization, which includes more than 18,600 scientists, engineers and technicians located in 15 major technical centers across the globe.

"Join me on this exploration - this journey.
There is no shortage of possibilities in the future and there is a lot to talk about before we get there." 

Glen De Vos, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer



How do we get to zero vehicle-related fatalities? Our thought leaders lay out Aptiv’s strategy for a safer, greener, more connected future in this four-part video series. Hear from Jada Smith, Glen De Vos, Karl Iagnemma, and Lee Bauer on how Aptiv is driving us toward a safer, greener, more connected future.