Safety in Motion


Aptiv’s Gen 6 ADAS platform represents a fundamental shift in  the way ADAS will be developed for vehicles for the foreseeable future. OEMs can use the platform to grow capabilities over time in a model of continuous integration and continuous deployment, improving the consumer experience with every refresh. In the truest sense, the platform is safety in motion.


All the Tools

Software and hardware combine for a comprehensive and optimized ADAS solution

The platform draws on our decades of experience creating advanced safety solutions, and represents a vital part of Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle Architecture™ vision for software-defined vehicles. Full-stack features and offerings of the Gen 6 platform include:

  • Proven software stack: The platform uses differentiated and modularized software at every level of the stack on an open, centralized compute platform that allows for the creation of new features and services. 
  • Next-generation sensor suite: The platform includes the industry’s best-in-class interior and exterior sensing capabilities, including radars, vision and lidar. Among these sensors are Aptiv’s sixth-generation corner/side radars and forward-facing radars, as well as Aptiv’s first 4D imaging radar.
  • Advanced sensor fusion: Supporting the most advanced features requires a comprehensive and reliable environmental model. The platform leverages Aptiv’s advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to fuse 360-degree sensor inputs, providing a detailed rendering of the environment around the vehicle. 
  • Development tool chain: The platform gives OEMs the flexibility to drive further innovation on top of Aptiv’s proven solutions to accelerate the development of safe, green and connected features consumers want with the proven automotive-grade systems they can trust. 


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ADAS That Works When Drivers Need It Most

Aptiv’s flexible and scalable Gen 6 ADAS platform works in all kinds of driving scenarios and uses AI and machine learning to expand features, increase availability and improve the performance of the sensors OEMs already rely on.

Automated Parking

Automated Parking

As consumers increasingly demand more advanced parking features, it is becoming clear that automated parking systems must be designed as safety-critical technologies that are also easy to use. Learn how Aptiv’s Gen 6 ADAS platform provides the capabilities that are essential for this emerging class of features.

A Scalable Approach to Safety

ACROSS ALL VEHICLE SEGMENTS,  from today’s vehicles to tomorrow’s

Aptiv’s Gen 6 ADAS platform provides OEMs with several key elements to bring lifesaving active safety features to the broadest possible range of vehicles:

Aptiv’s Next-Generation ADAS platform

Where It Started – and Where It’s Going

Get full details on the Gen 6 ADAS platform as they were revealed by our experts at Aptiv’s Innovation in Motion 2021 event:


A History of Automated Driving

With more than a decade of automated driving experience, Aptiv knows what it takes to support affordable, fail-operational performance for power distribution, network stability and compute availability and performance. Aptiv’s Gen 6 ADAS platform and Smart Vehicle Architecture™ approach were born out of our experiences developing autonomous solutions.

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