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Aptiv at CES 2020

We know that by solving today’s problems through real-world applications we will not only keep up, but stay ahead to address all of our customers’ challenges in the future.  


Aptiv’s Architecture Vision on Display

At the center of Aptiv’s presence at the show was Smart Vehicle ArchitectureTM, Aptiv’s vision for electrical and electronic systems to lower total cost of ownership while enabling feature-rich and highly automated vehicles.

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Aptiv Unveils Smart Vehicle Architecture™

Aptiv’s expertise in software and systems integration, combined with its ability to provide automotive-grade compute and signal and power distribution inside the vehicle, sets the company apart from others looking to help OEMs address vehicle electrical and electronics complexity.

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Aptiv Unveils Smart Vehicle Architecture™
High-Voltage Vehicle Systems Present New Challenges

High-Voltage Vehicle Systems Present New Challenges

High-voltage vehicle components are relatively new territory for the industry, but we’re building on decades of knowledge about what OEMs need for vehicle wiring and the particular challenges they face. 

Electric vehicles are the future of mobility, and getting these systems right will help us create a greener world. 

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Aptiv Interior/Exterior Sensor Fusion

Aptiv Interior/Exterior Sensor Fusion allows a car to detect when a driver is distracted or unaware of a hazard outside the vehicle and proactively warns them to prevent a life-threatening incident before it occurs.

Aptiv Interior/Exterior Sensor Fusion

Our featured technologies


Enabling scalable solutions by transitioning to a software defined vehicle

  • Today’s feature rich, highly automated vehicles are creating enormous complexity challenges
  • SVATM is a sustainable architecture that lowers total cost of ownership while enabling feature rich vehicles over their full lifecycle

Democratizing Advanced Safety and Autonomous Driving Technology

  • Accelerating product lifecycles and increasing regulation requires flexible and scalable solutions
  • Scalable platforms enable new functionality with maximum reuse and streamlined validation

Enabling seamless connectivity between passengers, the vehicle and the world around it

  • Exponential increases in data generation, transfer and utilization are enabling new insights which are transforming the vehicle
  • Our edge processing, data analytics and modular approach to software is unlocking new data insights and use cases

Leading in electrification and architecture optimization capabilities

  • Challenging emissions targets globally are demanding new approaches to vehicle efficiency
  • Comprehensive portfolio of High Voltage solutions supports electrification