CTO Blog: Aptiv Celebrates 5,000 Self-Driving Public Rides

When will self-driving cars become available for consumer use? The truth is they already have. Thousands of residents and tourists in Las Vegas are taking Aptiv self-driving cars—accompanied by a safety driver and safety operator—to and from popular spots on the high-traffic strip. In May, our team announced the deployment of 30 self-driving cars, equipped with Aptiv’s autonomous driving platform. These vehicles are offered to the public of Las Vegas via the Lyft app. We are proud of a significant milestone: 5,000 self-driving public rides—powered by the Aptiv autonomous driving platform.

Hitting 5,000 consumer rides is a major milestone, not just for Aptiv and Lyft, but for the entire mobility space. This is the first of its kind commercial self-driving program, and we are proud to be offering autonomous vehicles for public use today. We continue to see exponential growth in passenger rides, with nearly perfect user ratings of 4.96 out of 5 stars. This partnership is a true proof point that Aptiv’s autonomous driving platform and its vehicles will change the world of mobility. By demonstrating the viability of our commercial self-driving product and creating better efficiency for transportation network providers, consumers  will have access to safer and more accessible transit.

This partnership, which launched at CES 2018, is a great example of the tremendous impact that occurs when two leaders in mobility—Aptiv and Lyft—come together to share in their respective expertise. Aptiv has a long history of developing safer, greener, and more connected mobility solutions, including our autonomous driving systems. With our ride-hailing partner Lyft, we’ve made it possible for the public to experience the future of transportation today.

Since the start of offering Aptiv self-driving cars to the public on the Lyft network, feedback has been increasingly positive.

  • The average passenger rating is 4.96 out of 5 stars
  • Passengers have been describing their rides as an amazing experience and have been impressed with how technologically advanced the car is while feeling safe and at ease
  • 96 percent of passengers have indicated that they intend to ride again
  • 20 percent of our passengers have already jumped in for their second or third self-driving ride

This is an important next step for Aptiv on our path to commercialization for Automated Mobility on Demand (AMoD). Through this deployment, we look forward to fine-tuning our management, expertise and leadership in autonomous driving and smart vehicle architecture, with plans to expand the commercialization of AMoD beyond Las Vegas. We are creating, with our partners–like Lyft–a commercially viable ecosystem which is poised for scalability and future growth.

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Glen De Vos, Aptiv's senior vice president, chief technology officer and president, Mobility & Services Group

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