Gen 6 ADAS Demonstrator

Gen 6 ADAS Demonstrator

Aptiv’s ADAS on the demonstration vehicle is effective in all driving conditions, including nighttime, high-contrast lighting, rain, snow, fog and occlusion — while reducing compute demands by 60 percent and cost by 25 percent.

Aptiv-Supported Features

  • High availability, low-cost L2+
  • L2+ features focused on urban driving scenarios
  • Radar-based localization
  • Interior sensing
  • Park assist system
  • Driver monitoring system

Aptiv Technologies

  • AI/ML-enhanced radar perception
  • 4 corner radars
  • 1 forward-facing radar
  • 1 forward-facing camera
  • Motional Global Vehicle Positioning Module
  • CVC
  • PDC zone controllers
  • Domain controller

Aptiv’s radar-based perception system uses AI/ML to handle urban driving scenarios that radar traditionally struggles with, such as tunnels and bridges, delivering a cost-efficient ADAS solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance.

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