In-Cabin UX Demonstrator

Aptiv’s interior sensing solutions enable new possibilities for safety and user experience. Machine learning enhances driver monitoring, cabin monitoring, and interior/exterior sensor fusion to meet the demands for the next generation of autonomous driving
and intelligent safety features.

Aptiv-Supported Features

  • Interior sensing
  • Driver monitoring
  • Cabin monitoring
  • Interior/exterior sensor fusion
  • Pedestrian warning based on driver attention
  • L2+ supervision monitoring with driver re-engagement for L3-to-L2+ transition
  • Seat occupancy classification (car seat, adult, child)
  • Front row seat belt usage / misuse detection
  • Vision-based PODS

Aptiv Technologies

  • Direct-facing camera
  • Rearview mirror camera
  • Scalable integrated cockpit controller
  • Aptiv infotainment system with Android head unit
  • Aptiv HMI
  • Footwell lighting
  • Media player

Optimized interior-sensing platforms can eliminate hardware, such as passive occupant detection systems (PODS), aligning with the sustainable-by-design approach that defines Aptiv’s entire Smart Vehicle Architecture™ portfolio.

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