Aptiv Innovation Awards


The Class of 2021

At Aptiv, we understand that innovation is key to our success, and recognizing the contributions of our innovators is important to us. Recently, we showcased the best of the best with the 2021 Aptiv Innovation Awards – inducting seven new members into the Aptiv Innovation Hall of Fame, promoting others to a higher level of recognition in the Hall of Fame, granting two team innovation awards and naming 2021’s Innovator of the Year. All of us at Aptiv draw inspiration from their accomplishments.

A Company of Innovators


While others look at what is, we look at what could be. Get a glimpse of Aptiv’s spirit of innovation in this video.

What It Means


Being inducted into the Aptiv Innovation Hall of Fame is a unique honor. Members reflect on the experience.


Making It Real


Aptiv Innovation Hall of Fame members give their top advice for the next generation looking to make their own mark on technology.

It's the Challenges That Motivate Us


What drives innovators to succeed? It is the problem to solve, the challenge to overcome – and the team to help do it.