Satellite Architecture Is Aptiv’s Flexible and Scalable Approach to Advanced Safety 

Integrated approach leveraging Aptiv’s unique position with both the brain and nervous system of the vehicle

Satellite Architecture is just one example of our differentiated approach to architecture, which helps us optimize the performance and cost of advanced safety solutions while reducing mass and complexity. Aptiv can tailor these systems to customers' individual requirements, helping commercialize advanced solutions and democratize them as they mature.

What Is Satellite Architecture?

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Aptiv’s approach takes the intelligence out of the sensors and centralizes it into a powerful active safety domain controller. This significantly improves the flexibility, scalability and performance of the system. Some of the specific benefits include:

  • Improved Sensing & Perception Performance
  • Greater Scalability of Sensors and Compute
  • More Flexible Sensor Packaging
  • Up to 30% Lower Vehicle Mass
  • Simplified Electrical Architecture
  • Reduced Warranty and Sustaining Cost
  • Simplified Lifecycle Management

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Our Primary Focus? Safety

Satellite Architecture Enhances Flexibility

Satellite Architecture reduces weight and mass by up to 30% by eliminating redundant components while increasing scalability and flexibility of sensors and compute.


Industry-Leading Solution for Advanced Safety

Leader in Making Safe Mobility Real

Democratizing safety means making it more accessible for everyone. This requires a smarter, more integrated approach. By designing the vehicle’s brain and nervous system to work seamlessly together, we create active safety that is both intelligent and optimized, helping to put these life-saving systems in the hands of more people. 


Aptiv Provides the Trusted Platform for Advanced Safety Features, Enabling OEMs to Innovate and Compete

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Multiple OEMs from every region of the world are already implementing our Satellite Architecture and central compute-based active safety systems. Expected in 10 million vehicles by 2025, Aptiv’s ADAS approach allows OEMs to add innovations over the life of the vehicle and build a foundation for higher levels of automated driving.