Aptiv's Las Vegas Customer Technology Center

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” 

It’s the motto of Las Vegas and the first thing that comes to mind for most visitors when they are welcomed by the beaming bright lights of the famous Las Vegas strip. But in Aptiv’s case, the work that happens at the new Aptiv Las Vegas Customer Technology Center is certainly not staying there.

In more than 130,000 square feet, the new technical center is home to our largest fleet of self-driving vehicles, a growing staff of vehicle safety operators and an innovation showcase. Not to mention an engineering team dedicated to Aptiv’s research and development of software and hardware systems, validation, mapping and growing our partnerships in autonomous driving technology. All with the goal to move mobility forward, well beyond the reaches of Las Vegas.

So, why Las Vegas? 

Las Vegas is one of several smart cities in the United States and very familiar territory for Aptiv. With a presence at CES for more than 20 years, Aptiv has experience with the city’s grid system of roads, which allows for extensive research and development testing. We also have the support of state and local governments, who are championing innovation and supporting the advancement of the future of mobility.

Las Vegas’s ideal climate and bevvy of attractions make it a popular destination for millions of visitors each year from around the globe. This provides a highly-visible opportunity for Aptiv to demonstrate its autonomous vehicle technology in action on one of the most popular stretches of roadway in the world. It offers consumers an opportunity to understand more about autonomous and advanced safety technologies, in real-world scenarios. They may even get to ride in one on their way to their next destination.

Just as our fleet continues to expand, so does our team in Las Vegas. In fact, our team is growing weekly to support our autonomous vehicles on the road today and our presence in this smart city. The technical center will become home to more engineers, more vehicle operators and more team members as the year progresses.

Visit our Careers Page to see openings available at Aptiv’s Las Vegas Customer Technology Center.