Automated Parking

Aptiv brings more than 20 years of expertise in ADAS technology to the complex challenge of parking automation.

The Right Technologies for the Task


As consumers increasingly demand more advanced parking features, it is becoming clear that autonomous parking systems must be designed as safety-critical technologies that are also easy to use. That means the intelligent technologies used in advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) for driving on local streets are critical to ensuring higher performance and safety when it comes to
parking automation.

Four Variations of Automated Parking

Four Variations of Automated Parking

Aptiv’s intelligent Gen 6 ADAS platform enables several features

Automatically finds, enters and exits a parking spot. As a Level 2 automation feature, Auto Parking Assist operates only when the driver is paying attention.

Records the process of parking in a given location and later is able to repeat it automatically with the driver present.

Uses sensor fusion to display the vehicle’s surroundings on an in-cabin display.

Enables a vehicle to drop off passengers, find a suitable parking space and return when summoned, all without driver monitoring or control.

Intelligent Radar Expands Possibilities for Parking Automation

As parking automation features evolve from Level 2 to Level 4 and beyond, unlocking increasing degrees of autonomy, the most capable and cost-efficient automated parking solutions will be those that combine ADAS cruising innovations with the power of AI/ML-enhanced radar.

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Intelligent Radar for Parking Automation
Leveraging the Gen 6 ADAS Platform

Leveraging the Gen 6 ADAS Platform

Aptiv’s automated parking solution builds on the capabilities enabled by our Gen 6 ADAS platform. The platform blends a proven software stack with advanced sensor technologies and superior sensor fusion. OEMs can use the platform to drive further innovation throughout the vehicle lifecycle through Aptiv’s software development and deployment capabilities.

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Understanding the Automated Parking Solution

Aptiv’s automated parking solution leverages our AI/ML-enhanced Gen 6 ADAS platform to enable complex parking scenarios. Get details on the features provided by the solution, the capabilities enabled by the software, and the sensors supported by Aptiv’s system.

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Aptiv System Level Approach

Automated Parking With Aptiv’s Gen 6 ADAS

Every vehicle has to be able to park in a variety of weather and lighting conditions. That's why Aptiv's innovative approach is built on our Gen 6 ADAS platform to provide the highest possible system availability.

Aptiv's Automated Parking Solution

Learn how Aptiv's Gen 6 ADAS platform enables four different types of automated parking features that provide higher performance and greater availability for end consumers.