Sustaining Our World
As we build technologies that enable a greener future of mobility, we are committed to protecting the environment.

Sustainable Business Model


“Aptiv’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2040 requires a sustainable business model that addresses every aspect of the production process — from sourcing to disposal.

We work as one team to set ambitious but achievable targets to reduce waste, lower our carbon footprint and conserve fresh water. Our local teams are empowered to identify opportunities where Aptiv can have a positive impact on their communities.

We are very clear with our employees, suppliers and customers about our sustainability goals because protecting the environment requires complete alignment of the global integrated supply chain.”

Joe Palmieri
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Management

Stories of Success

Aptiv cares for our environment every day.
Here are some examples.

ISO Certification

We completed the ISO 50001 energy efficiency certification at our three most energy-intensive sites and have completed certification at four sites to date — in line with our goal of certifying our 10 most energy-intensive sites by 2025. Our environmental management system is maintained at 100 percent of our facilities and is ISO 14001 certified.

Sustainability 2023 Report - ISO Certification
Sustainability 2023 Report - Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Through on-site generation, renewable sourcing and improvements in energy efficiency, all Aptiv facilities in Ireland, Germany, Austria and Honduras source 100 percent renewable energy. We are on target to reduce our carbon emissions by 25 percent by 2025, thanks in part to sustainable energy sourcing initiatives at multiple facilities across the globe. For example, an Aptiv facility in Jiaxing, China, implemented a rooftop solar panel project that will generate 2.7 million kWh of electricity and eliminate nearly 2,700 tons of CO2e emissions annually.

Aptiv Sustainability Awards

Aptiv employees generated more than 1,000 submissions to our annual internal Sustainability Awards — twice as many as in 2021. The submissions highlighted a wide variety of projects from cross-functional teams around the globe, from road safety workshops to tree planting to STEM events for children.

Reducing Paper Consumption

An Aptiv plant in Morocco eliminated more than 2 million sheets of paper from product packaging. Process changes like this can have a big environmental impact, saving about 250 trees and more than 6 million liters of water annually.

Sustainability 2023 Report - Aptiv Sustainability Awards
Sustainability 2023 Report - Planet

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

We are committed to an ambitious plan to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

Learn about our path to carbon neutrality