Sustainable Solutions
Sustainability is integral to the safe, green and connected products we create.

Created With Sustainability in Mind


The principles behind Lean manufacturing, agile software development and Aptiv’s Smart Vehicle Architecture™ solution are a testament to the fact that sustainable design and sustainable processes are good for the environment, good for customers — and just good business.

As the only provider of both the brain and the nervous system of the vehicle, Aptiv is well positioned to leverage our SVA technologies to balance performance and costs based on our customers’ individual needs.

Our system-level expertise enables us to provide OEMs with the advanced features that consumers expect while reducing complexity, mass and weight and enhancing OEMs’ ability to improve these features over the full vehicle life cycle.

Offerings such as Aptiv’s Dock & Lock™ connectors enable higher levels of vehicle assembly automation, while design techniques such as up-integration of compute reduce complexity and weight. Aptiv’s SVA™ is a flexible and scalable solution that gives OEMs cutting-edge hardware, software and compute technologies to deliver the best solutions for today and the software-defined vehicles of tomorrow.

Bill Presley
Bill Presley
Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Aptiv,
and President, Signal & Power Solutions

Stories of Success

Aptiv Strives every day to sustainably create a safer, greener and more connected future of mobility.
here are some examples.
40 million+ vehicles
with Aptiv's active safety products


Aptiv expanded the capabilities and benefits of our advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS) platform with the broad application of AI and machine learning to deliver greater levels of efficiency, flexibility and robustness across the broadest possible range of driving scenarios. Powered by the latest modular perception and compute technologies, Aptiv’s scalable, hands-free solution provides increased flexibility as well as better performance at a significantly lower cost than alternatives, offering the most cost-effective approach for Level 2, Level 2+ and Level 3 autonomy.


Aptiv unlocked a variety of software-based safety and user experience features by using machine learning and advanced analytics to unite diverse systems. Aptiv integrates external sensors with in-cabin sensors to create a more comprehensive solution — one that can more intelligently alert drivers to potential hazards and help build user confidence in the technology.

100 million
tons of CO2e emissions eliminated1


In our North American Connection Systems business, we have expanded the use of post-industrial resin (PIR) recycled feedstock in our injection-molded products. PIR has the same compounded resin properties as prime resin, which is petroleum-based, but generates 26 percent less carbon emissions when sourced. Plans are underway to double our use of PIR feedstock by the end of 2023.


In 2022, we tested recycled copper for its potential in both high- and low-voltage applications — a practical solution to help OEMs achieve their sustainability objectives. Copper has long been an important material for vehicles’ electrical architectures, and it will become even more critical as the industry moves toward fully electric vehicles. Of course, recycled copper must meet the stringent performance requirements of automotive applications. So we put it through the same validation testing we run for all of our cables, including electrical, mechanical and environmental tests. The recycled copper passed all of them.


Aptiv acquired Intercable Automotive Solutions to enhance our portfolio of fully optimized high-voltage architecture solutions that reduce vehicle weight and mass. By leveraging Aptiv’s global reach, we will be able to deliver its innovative high-voltage power distribution and interconnect technologies to more customers worldwide.

of applicable controllers and compute platforms embedded with OTA connectivity


Aptiv acquired Wind River, a global leader in delivering software for mission-critical intelligent systems that require the highest levels of security, safety and reliability. Wind River deploys its technology across a wide range of end markets — including aerospace, defense, industrial and telecommunications — and we are bringing those technologies into automotive. Wind River’s solutions will help make the software-defined vehicle a reality by lowering the cost of software development, streamlining deployment of that software to vehicles and enabling full software life-cycle management.

Created with Sustainability in Mind

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

We are committed to an ambitious plan to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

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