Sustainable Solutions
Sustainability is integral to the safe, green and connected products we create.

Sustainable by Design

Reimagining the Next Generation of Mobility

The products we create are at the heart of our sustainability goals. Aptiv is on a mission to make the world safer, greener and more connected by ushering in the electrified, software-defined vehicles of tomorrow. By leveraging our unique expertise with the brain and nervous system of the vehicle and continuously refining our processes, Aptiv works with OEMs to take a comprehensive approach to the vehicle solution stack, balancing performance and cost for our customers’ specific needs.

Committed to Exceptional Products

Committed to Exceptional Products

Solving Our Customers’ Toughest Challenges

“The electrified, software-defined vehicles of tomorrow will be unrecognizable from the hardware-focused internal combustion engine cars and trucks we grew up with. OEMs will need to master both software and hardware in order to thrive. Aptiv’s ability to ‘look around the corner’ to understand the unique needs of the mobility industry helps OEMs offer the best solutions to consumers – today, and in the future.”

Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Safe Mobility

  • Helped democratize advanced safety, launching industry-leading advanced driver-assistance systems that support hands-free driving and over-the-air updates on multiple flagship vehicles for Ford and Stellantis
  • Leveraged advanced sensing and central compute solutions to enhance situational awareness of both the exterior and interior of the BMW iX


  • Awarded first central vehicle controller, enabling the software-defined vehicle by translating commands generated by advanced algorithms into the individual signals used by hundreds of components that execute them
  • Launched a next-generation driver monitoring system that employs machine learning for in-cabin sensing, enhancing safety features such as seat belt recognition, body tracking and gesture recognition

Customer Satisfaction

  • Launched Net Promoter System to listen, learn and act on customer feedback
  • Honored as Hyundai Motor Group Supplier of the Year
  • Received Jaguar Land Rover Quality Award

Data Security

  • Completed IT security training for 94% of salaried employees
  • Maintained 100% alignment to the highest standards for industry, regulatory and customer requirements, including TISAX, SOX, GDPR, ISO/SAE and IATF

Carbon Footprint

  • Aptiv products on vehicles sold since 2015 have helped save 100 million tons of emissions
  • Created next-generation charging inlets with active cooling to handle up to 55% more charging power and reduce charging time by as much as 37% compared with passive-cooled options
  • Developed high-voltage aluminum cables and busbars that reduce vehicle weight and energy consumption

Product Quality

  • Implemented a universal process at all segments to drive continuous improvement with customer feedback
  • Recertified 100% of manufacturing sites and major technical centers to IATF 16949, the industry-standard quality management system

Stories of Success

Aptiv Strives every day to sustainably create a safer, greener and more connected future of mobility.
here are some examples.



Enhanced supply chain resilience by developing a digital twin of our end-to-end supplier and customer network, providing Aptiv with the ability to “look around the corner” in real time to identify and proactively plan for supply chain risks. With this technology-led approach, Aptiv can achieve upstream visibility into the supply chain, anticipate disruptions, optimize costs and design products to reduce future supply chain risks.



Accelerated the trend toward electric vehicles, reaching $3.5 billion in high-voltage bookings during 2021 and producing high-voltage content for half of all EVs that have launched over the past few years. To meet the needs of future EVs, we began research on using recycled copper for high-voltage cables in some applications.



Developed analytics capabilities with the potential to reduce select operational costs in long-haul Class 8 trucks by up to 10% and deployed the capabilities across hundreds of fleet vehicles. Users praise our system for its ability to identify emissions systems failures, load their trucks to optimize fuel usage and weight, and avoid unnecessary trips to weigh stations.

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

We are committed to an ambitious plan to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

Learn about our path to carbon neutrality