Sustainable Processes
Our enduring ethical business platform is rooted in our company values.

Sustainability Through Shared Values

Putting Principles in the Driver’s Seat

Deliberate oversight and measurement are essential to governing our operations ethically and equipping employees and suppliers with the tools and training they need. Only by living our values can we succeed in our mission to make the world safer, greener and more connected. Our proactive engagement with stakeholders at every level enables our entire team to always do the right thing, the right way.

Committed to the Highest Ethical Standards

Committed to the Highest Ethical Standards

Responsibly Engaging Employees, Suppliers and Regulators

“Adhering to the highest ethical standards is at the heart of Aptiv’s sustainability strategy. We develop tools and policies that enable all of our stakeholders to confidently live by Aptiv’s values, which is essential to mitigating legal and financial risk and ensuring a positive impact on the environment, our people and the communities where we operate.”

Kate Ramundo
Kate Ramundo
Senior Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer and Secretary

Ethics & Anti-Corruption

  • 91% of salaried employees completed training on our Code of Ethical Business Conduct, closing in on our goal of 95% by 2025
  • Deployed training to 100% of new salaried employees

Stakeholder Dialogue

  • Reached 110,000 views via 10 intranet posts that educate employees on our sustainability commitments
  • 13 of our top 25 shareholders met with us during our annual Stewardship outreach, representing about 41% of Aptiv’s outstanding shares
  • All-employee broadcasts emphasized the critical importance of our carbon neutrality pledge and other sustainability objectives

Human Rights in the Supply Chain

  • 100% of key direct suppliers have signed the Aptiv Supplier Code of Conduct or have provided a comparable code

Responsible & Local Sourcing

  • The Aptiv Conflict Mineral Report was published in January 2022
  • Deployed Aptiv’s sustainability training video to 100% of key direct suppliers

Compliance & Regulation

  • 100% of Aptiv sites included in our annual audit plan were assessed for labor law compliance

Stories of Success

Our Employees Live Aptiv's Values Because we know that we can't achieve our mission without them.
Here are some examples.



Identified a third-party surveying tool and developed processes to give employees a private online global platform to assess interactions with their supervisors. The employee survey launched in January 2022.

Performance Measurement


Continued to incorporate our sustainability objectives into the compensation of our executives, subjecting executive bonuses to a ±10% modification based on sustainability progress.



Helped ensure compliance of our sustainable packaging goals by measuring material sourcing in performance assessments. For one OEM, we identified products that source a high volume of single-use plastics and worked with the customer to begin eliminating unnecessary plastic wrappers for an entire product line.



Designated one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere for the 10th year in a row.

World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute

Roadmap to Carbon Neutrality

We are committed to an ambitious plan to become carbon-neutral by 2040.

Learn about our path to carbon neutrality