Advanced Radars


The Next Wave of Radar 

Better Sensors Lead to a Better Environmental Model

Aptiv's Next-Gen ADAS platform is the foundation for advanced active safety, and sophisticated radars provide the sensor input that make that foundation even more robust. In 2021, Aptiv unveiled our latest achievements in radar, the SRR6 and FLR4 families.


FLR4 Family of Radars

Forward-Facing Radars Include First 4D Imaging Radar 

The FLR4 forward-facing radars have two distinct variants:

  • FLR4: The next generation of the forward-facing radar doubles range resolution and triples vertical field of view over previous models.
  • FLR4+: Aptiv’s first 4D imaging radar can meet the most demanding customer applications at an attractive price/performance ratio. Its range detection is an industry-leading 300 meters, and it supports true elevation target discrimination with machine learning.

FLR4 Family of Radars

SRR6 Family of Corner / Side Radars

Next Generation Dramatically Improves Performance

The SRR6 corner/side radars are available in three variants:

  • SRR6: The base-level radar improves detection range by 40 percent versus the prior generation and doubles range resolution while tripling the vertical field of view.
  • SRR6+: This radar doubles detection range over the prior generation and adds higher-resolution angular discrimination to improve the quality of an environmental model.
  • SRR6 HD: This model provides maximum resolution for highly automated, short-range applications, such as valet parking and low-speed driver-out-of-the-loop automation.

Advanced Radar Means Advanced Perception

In this episode from our Innovation in Motion series, Aptiv experts discuss
how machine learning can help get the most out of the latest radar technology.