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Empowering automakers and their key partners to create and evolve the technologies and software services required for tomorrow's software-defined vehicles

Delivering Turnkey Solutions for Critical Systems

Using an Agile Design-Build-Operate Model

Aptiv Services designs, creates and operates mobility solutions, enabling automakers and their key partners
to deliver complex programs with agility and faster speed to market.

What Makes Aptiv Services Different

Advantages of Our Turnkey Solutions and Accelerators

Accelerated delivery

Even with complex programs, we ensure that required functionality, applications, testing and integration are robust and delivered in a way that accelerates speed to market.

Global footprint

Experienced engineers and other experts with deep domain knowledge support customers from global delivery centers.

Proven solution accelerators

Gain access to Aptiv’s leading portfolio of innovative solution accelerators and technology partnerships.

Automotive-grade solutions

Achieve optimum performance for any platform. Our experts can optimize solutions to run on entry-level or mid-range hardware and other resource-constrained environments.

Innovative delivery model

Our design-create-operate model for turnkey solutions allows us to leverage best practices throughout the entire solution lifecycle.

Our Solutions and Services

ADAS Development and Validation Solution

ADAS Development and Validation Solution

Our complete Data-Driven ADAS Development and Validation Solution enables highly automated development and validation of AI/ML-based ADAS and autonomous driving functions.

  • Data-Driven ADAS Development and Validation Consulting
  • Managed Data Warehouse
  • Manual Data Annotation and Review
  • Fully Automated Data Annotation
  • KPI Validation and Report Generation

Advanced Audio Solution

Our complete advanced audio solution includes a development framework with toolchain, tuning tools, processes, tuning ears, audio design, and development and integration services, enabling automakers to create a unique brand sound signature.

  • Advanced Audio Architecture Consulting
  • Advanced Audio Processing and Management
    Development and Integration
  • Advanced Audio Solution Maintenance
  • Aptiv Sound Framework with Tuning Tools
  • “Tuning Ears” Audio Experts
Advanced Audio Solution
Android Automotive Platform Solution

Android Automotive Platform Solution

Our complete digital cockpit solution includes a reference platform based on Android Automotive OS, software accelerators, tools, processes, infotainment platform software design, development, integration, and platform evolution to create a fully customizable digital cockpit experience.

  • Android Automotive Platform Architecture Consulting
  • Android Automotive Reference Platform
  • Android Automotive Platform Solution Accelerators
  • Android Automotive Platform Development
  • Android Automotive Platform Evolution
  • Android Automotive Platform Testing and Certification
  • Android Automotive Platform Threat Management

Program Execution Excellence

Our execution capabilities and resources help recover complex programs affected by challenges related to management, processes, technologies, quality and delivery. We help customers succeed in all phases of their journey, from program and project planning to execution and implementation.

  • Program Evaluation Consulting
  • Program Development Strategy Consulting
  • Program Recovery Task Force
Program Execution Excellence

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We help customers deliver complex, innovative solutions in critical environments and at speed. If you are up for the challenge, join our team and help us build a better future of mobility. We are an exceptional, diverse team of free-thinkers, entrepreneurs and industry experts who are all driven to use technology
to reimagine what’s possible.

A Flexible User Interface


Aptiv delivered the world’s first vehicle infotainment solution with Google apps and services built-in on the Polestar 2, followed by the Volvo XC40. It enables built-in access to services such as Google Assistant, Google Maps and Google Play Store. The Volvo XC40 is also the first Volvo to receive real-time over-the-air (OTA) software and operating system updates, as well as automotive apps created by the global Android developer community. Android Automotive OS, combined with OTA updates, will allow the vehicle to evolve and improve over time, maintaining a fresh solution over the life of the vehicle. Aptiv worked with Google and led the development and integration of Android Automotive OS while gaining early access to Android updates and features.

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A Flexible User Interface
Unique Brand Sound Signature

Unique Brand Sound Signature


Aptiv Sound Framework software is highly scalable, from entry-level to premium sound systems. Because the core software is the same for all variants, it is not dependent on any specific hardware or amplifier, and it supports multiple silicon providers, systems on a chip (SoCs) and digital signal processors. Aptiv can support OEMs through premium consultancy services ranging from identifying and fixing audio issues to testing and implementing improved solutions.

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