Electric Vehicle Connectors

Electrification for a Greener Future

Aptiv has field-proven expertise in developing the high-performance, high -power connectors and charging solutions needed for the next generation of hybrid and electric vehicles.
Our comprehensive portfolio supports voltage ranges from 400V to 1,000V and currents as high as 250A.



Charging Solutions

Aptiv provides safe and efficient charging solutions for SAE J1772 (North America and Japan), IEC62196 Type II (Europe) and GB/T 20234 (China) global standards as well as Combo 1 and Combo 2 DC fast-charging footprints as defined by SAE.

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High Voltage Power Conversion

Aptiv offers robust connection systems designed specifically for the higher voltage and current requirements of inverters, drive motors/generators, and high-current/high-voltage battery outputs

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High Voltage Auxiliary Modules

Aptiv’s interconnect solutions meet the voltage and current needs of auxiliary modules, such as PTC heaters, DC/DC converters, onboard chargers (OBC), battery packs and more.

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