H-MTD® Ethernet Connectors

Future ready for next speed level up to 20Ghz

Enabling Smart Mobility while Optimizing Tomorrow’s Vehicle’s Architecture

At Aptiv, we understand the full electrical architecture of today’s and tomorrow’s vehicles. By leveraging a unique expertise in architecture optimization and new mobility software enabled solutions, we manage complexity over the whole system and simplify components integration to deliver the high-speed data and high-power electrical systems required for feature-rich, highly automated vehicles.

Enabling Smart Mobility
Optimize Data Integrity

A standard solution to optimize Data Integrity

Automotive in-vehicle network speeds are increasing at an exponential rate. Future systems will require multi-gig data transfer rates with connections that support rates up to 20 GHz. Ensuring data integrity at every level is becoming critical. A reliable and fully shielded two-wire solution is required to avoid any loss in speed or signal quality.

Our technical partnership with the high frequency connectivity company Rosenberger allows us to enhance capabilities in high-speed data transmission to deliver high-performance, cost-effective, high-speed data solutions for the automotive market Our global engineering and manufacturing footprint allows us to serve our global customers locally.

Our H-MTD® cable assemblies

Support Shielded Twisted Pair (STP) cables and future Shielded Parallel Pair (SPP) cables
Standard signal protocol allows H-MTD® cable assemblies that can convert to interfaces such as AMEC
Standard cavity designs facilitate Hybrid applications
H-MTD cable assemblies

Modular design to support future applications without redesigning the hardware

H-MTD® Series Benefits


Interface, PCB and cavity compatible to Rosenberger H-MTD®


Produced on automated assembly lines to maintain highest quality and Optimized design for ergonomics & robustness


Various cable design, optional Connector Position Assurance (CPA)


Mating interface design has been optimized to provide lowest possible insertion force


Optimized design for ergonomics and robustness


Cable termination system ensures repeatable performance at all frequencies during mechanical and environmental test cycles

H-MTD® Series Overview and Performance

1, 2, 4, 6
Component types
Housings, Headers and Cable assembly
Unsealed, Sealed
Terminal Position Assurance
Connector Position Assurance
Frequency Range
Up to 20 GHz
100 Ω
Return Loss
≥ 30 dB, DC to 1 GHz TBD, DC to 20 GHz
Vibration Class
SC 1 body unsealed, SC 2 body sealed
Sealing Class
LV214 or DIN60329 IPX9K, USCAR V1 chassis profile
Channel Specification
IEEE 802.3bp (1000BASE-T1), IEEE 802.3ch (NGAUTO), PCI E (in preparation)

More About H-MTD®

The future of Automotive Data Connectivity

The future of Automotive Data Connectivity

Learn about the latest developments in in-vehicle data connectivity.

The Future of Automotive Data Connectivity What Is H-MTD®?

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